Hussain Trowery

Hussain grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He has always been attracted to competition and was a standout athlete and went on to play college football at California University of Pennsylvania.  After his playing days were over, Hussain joined the U.S. Army where he was first introduced to hand to hand combat training.  He remembers, “The training we received in basic training was not very in depth, but it was enough to really peak my interest.”  After basic training, Hussain was stationed at Ft. Carson Army Post in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he was fortunate enough to receive private training in Kempo Karate.  “I was lucky to have a friend that was a black belt in Kempo, and he taught me a lot during the time that we trained together.  I did not go through a belt system, but he taught me what was effective and pertinent to me moonlighting as security in some of the night clubs.”  After a long break in training, Hussain made his way to Nashville and found Krav Maga.  He began training Krav Maga in February of 2012 and progressed to teaching Krav Maga in the beginning of 2013.  “I was looking for a way to get in shape and I found Krav Maga in Nashville. I took one class as a trial and I haven’t stopped training since.  My background as an athlete and previous training in Kempo has helped me to progress quickly, but what I love about Krav Maga is that anyone can learn the techniques and be able to defend themselves.”

Hussain has many other interests.  He is an avid football,fan with college being his favorite. However, if a good pee wee football game is on he will watch it!  Other interests include hunting when he can find the time, going to the range to keep his marksmanship skills sharp, hiking, lifting weights (he is a crossfit level 1 trainer), a good cup of coffee, and don’t forget music. He reveals, “I can pretty much listen to any style of music, my favorites are R&B and Old School Hip Hop.”

Hussain asserts, “I am very passionate about what I do, teaching people to defend themselves and helping them to get into shape to live healthier lives is a great feeling. I know when I started training in Krav Maga it helped me get back in shape and has really changed my life.”