Rachel Brandsness

A native of Klamath Falls, OR, Rachel grew up on the West Coast and moved to Nashville, TN to attend Belmont University.  She now works as a touring and session guitarist for many of Nashville’s up and coming acts, as well as her own project, Rachel Mac & The Revival.  When not out on the road, Rachel loves to teach and learn Krav Maga.  She began teaching heavybag kickboxing fitness in 2012 and progressed to teaching Krav Maga at the start of 2013.  “My time out on the road has taught me that awareness, personal safety, and the ability to defend oneself should be a priority in everyone’s life.   Plus, who doesn’t love to hit things from time to time?!”

Some of Rachel’s interests include consuming copious amounts of coffee, rock music, in particular, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Bruce Springsteen.  Her favorite TV shows include American Horror Story, Alias, and Family guy.  She also loves to ski whenever she makes it back to Oregon and is a nerd at heart who loves studying languages.  She’s currently working on Spanish and Russian.  “When you are passionate about what you do, everything else just falls into place.  That’s how I try to live and that’s the attitude I try to bring to my students.  Be confident, have fun, and go for it!  Self-defense is serious, but that doesn’t mean these techniques aren’t fun to learn.  Plus, the results of knowing them could save your life!”