Carjacking Defense Seminar AND Law Enforcement Workshop June 14, 2014

CarjackingSeminar2014Memphis’ leader in Self-Defense training will be holding a special day of Seminars on June 14, 2014.

First we will have a Carjacking Defense Seminar where participants Learn To Protect Yourself From Common Attacks Related to Carjacking Situations including:

● Train How to Defend Attacks Both Inside and Outside Vehicle

● Defending Empty Hand, Knife and Gun Threats from Attackers and More!

Secondly, we will have having a Law Enforcement Only Workshop immediately following where Officers will train Krav Maga principals that include:

● Training Weapon Retention In and Out of Holster and Much More!

● Working on Ground Self Defense Both Empty Hand and Gun Defense & Retention

● Building on the training learned in In-Service!

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