Did you See Us in Memphis Magazine?

Last Winter, Mid-South Krav Maga Self Defense Center was featured in Memphis Magazine:

Memphis Magazine Pic

November 2, 2009

A woman — not 100 pounds soaking wet — is standing in the middle of a studio with her eyes closed, surrounded by six men and another woman. The people in the circle take turns attacking this woman with various choking techniques. Each of them, one by one, is deflected aside in a matter of seconds.  The woman, you see, is practiced in Krav Maga.  

The brainchild of Imi Lichtenfeld — a native of Slovakia trained as a boxer and wrestler — Krav Maga (Hebrew for “contact combat”) was created in the 1940s as a tactical defense skill set for the Israel Defense Forces. Now taught by the likes of Patrick Terry here in Memphis (at Mid-South Krav Maga in East Memphis), Krav Maga is based less on techniques than on principles. Its most distinguishing element from martial arts? There are no rules.     Read The Complete Article on Memphis Magazine…