Register Now and Come join us at our Cool Springs YMCA location for fight class starting October 6th.   We will also be using the next week October 13th as kick off weeks and then registration for this round will be closed -so don’t delay!

Combine Krav Maga striking and defensive principles in a free-style format. 

Specific curriculum will be followed.

  • Involves Techniques From All Levels
  • NOT Full Contact BUT— YES there will be Contact!
  • Program starts and ends as a group!  No late entries!

Open to ALL Students of Krav Maga.

Pre-Enrollment Required! Course fee normally $49 WAIVED AND FREE includes 10+ classes.

Look for Sign-up Sheet!

Complete Fight Gear Required:

  • Head-Gear, 14—16 oz. Boxing Gloves
  • Shin-Guards, Mouth Piece & Groin Protection Check for Pre-Order Discounts