Fitness Kickboxing

High Energy, High Intensity Heavy Bag workout class incorporating punches, kicks, and  combinations. This is a cardiovascular, interval training, aerobic and strength-training class. Improve technique, build endurance and develop true core strength. Each workout utilizes full range of motion, functional movement routines. Many tools are often used in conjunction with these workouts include dumb bells, kettle bell, and other training methods. The use of Kettle Bell Training combines elements of aerobics and specialized strength training. Developed in Russia, this training delivers stability for all muscle groups and even the smaller stabilizer muscles. These extreme all-round fitness workouts hacks off fat, forges a fighters physique, ensures strength with flexibility, builds staying power, and boosts physical resilience. BURN up to a 1000 calories in every workout! Beginners welcome!

Boxing gloves, bag gloves or wraps are strongly suggested.