Krav Maga Black Belt Patrick Terry Available for Private Training, Group Workshops and Seminars

MSKM Founder and Krav Maga Black Belt Self Defense Expert continues to be available for private training as well as group training with specialized workshops and seminars either at your location or at a location he can arrange for you!. Each session or program is customized for your specific needs and wants. Patrick has led 100s of workshops and seminars nationwide and has even taught classes in Israel! Patrick has provided training from Women Only Safety, to Home Invasion, Carjacking, Holiday Safety Defense Seminars and others. He has led instructor development courses at both the civilian and law enforcement force training capacity.

NO ONE in the Mid-South area has led more krav maga reality based self-defense focused events than Patrick!

Learn from the Krav Maga pioneer in Memphis! Call today 901.308.1417