Krav Maga Black Belt Patrick Terry Available for Private Training, Group Workshops and Seminars

MSKM Founder and Krav Maga Black Belt Self Defense Expert continues to be available for private training as well as group training with specialized workshops and seminars either at your location or at a location he can arrange for you!. Each session or program is customized for your specific needs and wants. Patrick has led 100s of workshops and seminars nationwide and has even taught classes in Israel! Patrick has provided training from Women Only Safety, to Home Invasion, Carjacking, Holiday Safety Defense Seminars and others. He has led instructor development courses at both the civilian and law enforcement force training capacity.

NO ONE in the Mid-South area has led more krav maga reality based self-defense focused events than Patrick!

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MSKM Center Closes and Refers Members to Krav Maga Centers of Memphis

In 2003 Patrick Terry brought Krav Maga to Memphis and opened MSKM. A few of years later MSKM brought Krav Maga back to the Nashville area as well. Our organization has had the honor of developing over 20 instructors and training literally 1000s of people through the years. As shared recently on many facebook pages and conversations with current and past members – it is clear we have positively impacted many lives. This has been a true honor!
With great sadness we regret to announce that we have closed our center effective July 7, 2014. With the closure of the center, our billing services company has ended membership agreements and future billing has been ceased. USA Karate has joined the Krav Maga community in all of its 6+ locations and partnered with Krav Maga Alliance, the same instructor development organization as us. Given their 20+ year of proven quality martial arts presence in the Mid-South and their commitment to providing superior adult self-defense training with Krav Maga- MSKM is referring its members to the Krav Maga Centers of Memphis a part of the USA Karate network. Information on their locations and how to contact them can be found at They have graciously agreed to honor any and all pre-paid memberships and terms currently in place with MSKM. MSKM’s founder Patrick Terry has been and will continue volunteering to help develop their extensive instructor network and will occasionally host workshops and seminars at their centers.
Please keep training!


Closed July 4th & July 5th

MSKM will be closed Saturday July 5th in observance of the Independence Day Holiday.


News Channel 3 Coverage of our Upcoming Carjacking Defense Seminar

Check out the feature WREG News did related to the 40+ recent carjackings in Memphis and Mid-South Krav Maga’s answer to make mid-southerners safer and training with tools to defend themselves.

Link to video and article



Carjacking Defense Seminar AND Law Enforcement Workshop June 14, 2014

CarjackingSeminar2014Memphis’ leader in Self-Defense training will be holding a special day of Seminars on June 14, 2014.

First we will have a Carjacking Defense Seminar where participants Learn To Protect Yourself From Common Attacks Related to Carjacking Situations including:

● Train How to Defend Attacks Both Inside and Outside Vehicle

● Defending Empty Hand, Knife and Gun Threats from Attackers and More!

Secondly, we will have having a Law Enforcement Only Workshop immediately following where Officers will train Krav Maga principals that include:

● Training Weapon Retention In and Out of Holster and Much More!

● Working on Ground Self Defense Both Empty Hand and Gun Defense & Retention

● Building on the training learned in In-Service!

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Great Classes Saturday! Trained Outside! Where Were You?

Awesome day of training on a holiday weekend! Welcomed 2 new members and trained outside in this beautiful weather. Finished our day with some stress and fatigue drills with multiple attackers!
Bring a friend and try a class with us next week!

EasterWeekend 1EasterWeekend 2


MSKM Lead Instructor Receives Special Leadership Award

Congratulations to MSKM’s lead instructor Patrick Terry for receiving a Leadership award and the Reserve Uniform Patrol division he commands received Division of the Year!  There is a close connection to Krav Maga and the law enforcement community. Hundreds of agencies nationwide use Krav Maga Force training for their defensive tactics system.  MSKM is the ONLY location in the mid-south that has certified defense tactics instructor qualified to officially teach law enforcement officers. Patrick works regularly in patrol to keep his skills sharp and brings those experiences back to the class room.



Denmark Students Train at MSKM

Great job by a group Denmark Students taking a lesson in Krav Maga Self Defense! Students were vising a local college and were brought to our center for some training! They had a blast and learned something too!

photo_denmark1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


More Than 35 Deep in Weapon Defense Class!

WeaponDefense 2014 1More than 35 deep in our first night of weapon defense series! Lots going on at your center for Krav Maga self defense training. Not a member? Why not? Come visit what others are doing to make themselves safer and in better shape!! NOW is the time!!






WeaponDefense 2014 2


NEW Weapon Defense 8 Week Program

km_promo_still_shotSPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Weapon Defense 8 Week Program!
MSKM is now offering something never done before. Starting January 13th, 2014 on Mondays at 7:30 we will be offering an 8 week weapon defense series. Participate in special training that includes defending assailants armed with handguns, knives and sticks. Special enrollment is required and is open to ALL members including beginners with no previous experience.

During the 8 week program, we will build on the ability to defend against attackers armed with various weapons in both basic and advanced scenarios.  This environment will enable lots of realistic and stress type drills.  Don’t miss this opportunity.

MSKM Membership is required as well as special enrollment in this program.

Ask for details on this awesome new program!
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