Crime in Memphis and why YOU Need Our Training

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This news coverage focused on both the fact that violent crime in Tennessee is very common and that there are many things that can be done to prevent becoming a victim.  However this expert also noted that an alarm system at home and guns don’t necessarily make you as safe as one may think.  We at MSKM teaches adults self protection skills to survive a violent confrontation using personal weapons such as our hands and feet (and common objects in your environment). Come try our classes today and don’t forget – we are offering special fall discounts for new members!! call today 327-0297 for your free trial lesson!! Click Here for the News Feature

MSKM on WREG Channel 3’s Live at 9 News Show

Another great job by our very own MSKM Instructors Ralph and Melissa Norwood. It is very difficult to be on LIVE TV and they did a great job. The news have been covering the MPDs adoption of Krav Maga for their officer’s defensive tactics system. MSKM brought Krav Maga to Memphis over 10 years ago and have been helping to make Memphians safer ever since. We are very excited that local law enforcement is getting on board with this great self defense system.

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WREG Live at 9


WMCTV Channel 5 News Coverage

Our Mid-South Krav Maga Self Defense Center is in the news again most recently on Action News 5 last night.  The special report was titled:

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Down the Barrel of a Gun

By Ursula Madden – bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) – Self-defense instructors will tell you never fight for your property, but if the attacker wants your life, fight back.

If someone pulled a gun on you, would you know what to do?  What if that gun was touching your forehead?  Or if you were forced to kneel down, execution style?  It may seem like a no win scenario, but Krav Maga instructor Patrick Terry says there are four steps you need to know, that can help you get out alive.


Did you See Us in Memphis Magazine?

Last Winter, Mid-South Krav Maga Self Defense Center was featured in Memphis Magazine:

Memphis Magazine Pic

November 2, 2009

A woman — not 100 pounds soaking wet — is standing in the middle of a studio with her eyes closed, surrounded by six men and another woman. The people in the circle take turns attacking this woman with various choking techniques. Each of them, one by one, is deflected aside in a matter of seconds.  The woman, you see, is practiced in Krav Maga.   [Read more…]


In the News: Action News 5 – Parking Lot Safety

Your Krav Maga Worldwide Lead Instructor Patrick Terry was in the news this week with a Special Report on Parking Lot Safety.  Click for a link to the news coverage.wmctv510730861_BG2


MSKM Demos at the Southern Women’s Show

Thanks to everyone who helped us man the booth and perform demos at the 2009 Southern Women’s Show.  Click for Even More Photos


Nashville Krav Maga First Level 1 Test Feb 10, 2009

Check out the first ever Level 1 workshop and test in Nashville

View Photos from the Event


Krav Maga in the Nashville News

Krav Maga and Tiger Six in the Nashville news from a women’s self defense workshop we hosted.

News Channel 5 Nashville


Carjacking Seminar WMCTV5 News Coverage Nov 1 2006

Patrick Terry and Ralph Norwood are interviewed on WMCTV5 and was given a large amount of airtime on one of Memphis’ top news stations.

Watch the Video


John Whitman Krav Maga Seminar in Memphis Sep 6, 2006

John Whitman comes to Memphis for a weekend of seminars on September 6, 2006.

Watch the Video