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Krav Maga Self Defense vs. The Knockout Game

Krav Maga Self Defense vs. The Knockout Game

From our organizations home school at Krav Maga Alliance and our leader John Whitman-
Most Krav Maga students in Los Angeles have heard of the “Knockout Game” popping up around the country. If you haven’t, it involves thugs randomly selecting a victim on the street and sucker punching them, trying to knock them out with one blow. You can watch a report on the phenomenon here.


First of all, it’s not a game, so screw that term. Let’s call them Knockout assaults. I’d like to call the perpetrators pathetic, maladjusted cowards, but that takes up too much space, so I’ll stick with “thugs.”

Anyway, like most self defense instructors, I’ve been asked about it. First off, let’s acknowledge that even if this is a “widespread” or “growing” trend, you are still far more likely not to be attacked by a “Knockout” thug then you are likely to be a target. So don’t panic. Just train.

And by “train,” of course, I mean “train in Krav Maga,” because this is what we train for. There are two practical solutions to the Knockout trend: situational awareness and reaction drills from positions of disadvantage.

(Please, please don’t tell me you would just shoot the bad guy. I am all for you carrying concealed, but that gun is most likely going to be under your jacket or in your purse when the sucker punch comes.)

Start with situational awareness: be aware not just of who is near you, but how they are behaving. Pay more attention to strangers and less attention to your smart phone. If you’re not beginning to shift from Yellow to Orange (or at least from Green to Yellow) when you walk by a group of teenage boys on the street, then you are making yourself a victim. I’m not saying you have to be paranoid. Just be aware.

Next, train against punches from positions of disadvantage. Krav Maga calls these “outside defenses,” and they work well with even minimal time to react. Also, they are instinct-based, so they are close to your natural reactions, provided your situational awareness has given you any time to react at all. We can’t guarantee that these defenses will work, because the skill, speed, and power of the attacker are variables we can’t control. However, they are designed to work against the attacks that you see in the video.

The trend is disturbing. But the solution, while not guaranteed, is simple: keep aware of your surroundings and train from disadvantaged positions. Use drills that incorporate as much unpredictability as is possible to create in a training environment. Start slowly, and build to higher and higher speeds. And maybe, just maybe, someone will be able to show one of these thugs who the sucker really is.

Thank you John Whitman for capturing this and I wanted to share this with our Mid-South Krav Maga family.


Learn to Defend Attackers Armed with a Knife

WhiteKnifeOn November 11th at 7:30 pm Mid-South Black Belt  Instructor, Patrick Terry will conduct our next in our 2013 workshop series focusing on knife threat and attack defenses from various angles and distances.  We will also will train 3rd party defenses where one has to step in and defend someone else under attack.  This is great training and is open to everyone including NON members and no previous experience is necessary. We are moving this workshop to a Monday night to make it more convenient AND will be FREE!



Crime in Memphis and why YOU Need Our Training

memphis crime

This news coverage focused on both the fact that violent crime in Tennessee is very common and that there are many things that can be done to prevent becoming a victim.  However this expert also noted that an alarm system at home and guns don’t necessarily make you as safe as one may think.  We at MSKM teaches adults self protection skills to survive a violent confrontation using personal weapons such as our hands and feet (and common objects in your environment). Come try our classes today and don’t forget – we are offering special fall discounts for new members!! call today 327-0297 for your free trial lesson!! Click Here for the News Feature

Saturday Full Training Day with a Krav Maga Black Belt & Fighting Injured Workshop

Whitman SeminarSaturday September 28, 2013 will be an awesome day at Mid-South Krav Maga. Our very own Krav Maga Black Belt Patrick Terry will be leading all the classes and teaching weapon defenses in all of the Krav Maga classes including the beginner class! The day will peak with the next in our workshop series – Fighting Injured and Using Your Environment at 2:00. Members and visitors – don’t miss this great day of training. Register Here for the workshop. Visitors – there is no charge to try our classes and the workshop is ONLY $29.


Closed for Labor Day

Your Mid-South Krav Maga center is closed Monday for the Labor Day Holiday. Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday and we will see you back in class on Tuesday.


MSKM on WREG Channel 3’s Live at 9 News Show

Another great job by our very own MSKM Instructors Ralph and Melissa Norwood. It is very difficult to be on LIVE TV and they did a great job. The news have been covering the MPDs adoption of Krav Maga for their officer’s defensive tactics system. MSKM brought Krav Maga to Memphis over 10 years ago and have been helping to make Memphians safer ever since. We are very excited that local law enforcement is getting on board with this great self defense system.

See more on the feature with the links below.

WREG Live at 9


Memphis Police Department and Mid-South Krav Maga Featured Together on News Channel 3

Yes! Memphis Police Department Teaches Krav Maga. This news feature from Channel 3 News today shows MPD and our Mid-South Krav Maga instructor Melissa educating the community about our great system. Great job Melissa and our awesome members!

Special Note To all Memphis Police Officers, Shelby County Sheriff’s Shelby Deputies and any other LE agencies – we have special discounts for you at our center which has over 95 classes available monthly for you!


Memphis Police Department and Mid-South Krav Maga

We have been offering Krav Maga Self Defense Training in the Memphis area for over 10 years!
Come train with the pioneers of Krav Maga in Memphis.

Our center is the only one in Memphis with an instructor that is a commissioned law enforcement officer, who holds certifications in Law Enforcement Only Force Training and is a Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor!


Carjacking & Handgun Defense Seminar July 13th.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur next installment in our Mid-South Krav Maga 2013 Self Defense Workshop/Seminar Series will be next Saturday July 13th at 2:00-4:00pm.  This seminar is Carjacking and Handgun Defenses by Mid-South Black Belt  Instructor, Patrick Terry offering beginner and advanced handgun defenses both standing and on the ground.  [Read more…]


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